Looking for an ambitious rising sophomore or junior at a local college, for a part time internship at a start-up/nonprofit, at the intersection of molecular biology, genetics, computer science and clinical practice.

Duties:  scientific review of common & unusual cancer-specific genetic variants, review & writeup of pertinent scientific developments in molecular diagnostics, website content review & editorial support, survey compilation & data analysis.

Desired Skills/Experience:  At least 1 semester each of biology and chemistry (molecular biology/biochemistry, genetics and statistics courses desirable); computer science and statistics background and coding experience highly desirable, but not absolutely mandatory (C++, java, HTML, MySQL, App development).    

Ideal candidate would have a pre-existing, paid job for the summer — this would be a learning opportunity and a part time ‘gig’ with a potential to develop into a career-building job, to build marketable skills, and potential to publish peer-reviewed article(s) and obtain a personal recommendation to graduate programs in health professions.  Independent research class credit thru UW-L possible in the near future.

Pay & responsibilities contingent on qualifications; for further info/inquiries contact me at info@gtgnomics.org